FIVE Times More Fun & Participation Than Any Other Area Children’s Entertainer!

Sure, there are lots of good entertainers out there, BUT none of them even come close to offering this much fun and excitement:

  • MAGICChildren love magic and this show is loaded with it!  The magic happens to me and around me, which the children see, and I don’t.  They love it and are empowered by it.
  • INTERACTION The kids get to clap and sing along with the music, stand up, participate in the magic and have loads of fun!
  • PUPPETRY The children love my puppets that help with the magic and are sometimes just plain silly. They are funny characters that they really relate to.
  • LIVE RABBITYou can feel the excitement when “Bam-Bam, the Magical Bunny” appears.  All the kids get to pet him after the show.
  • FREE PRIZES Every child gets a free magic coloring poster and a magic dollar bill at the end of the show to take home and show their parents what fun they had at school!

“I would just like to say how much our boys and girls enjoyed the show today. I didn’t think it was possible, but Michael had their attention from the very start of the show until the very end. He was Amazing! Thank you, Michael.”

Christine Haas

Director, Happy Times Preschool

“All I can say is WOW! Michael captivated all the children from the moment the show started. It is not easy to hold the attention of children ages 2-5 but Michael had them engaged and participating the entire show. I didn’t think it was possible, but then again, Michael makes the impossible happen! For a great show you NEED Michael, The Amazing Magi!”

Beth Johnson

Director, Wee Little People Preschool

This Sounds Great – How Can We Get More Information or Book a Show?

That part is easy.  Remember you can download the catalog by clicking on the button.  For more information or to book your program simply e-mail [email protected] or click here.  You may also call me at (610) 698-0311.

Amazing and Entertaining Programs

for Your Children

The Amazing Magi has so many programs available rather than list them all here, you may download his catalog of programs that he offers to all Daycares and Preschools.

However, not only can you choose any of the “secular” programs as outlined in the catalog you may download below, you may also choose from one new show not listed in the catalog plus 3 Bible Based Shows.  I offer both secular and Bible based programs so that you can choose whichever type of show best fits your needs.  Below is the one new show plus the 3 Bible based shows.

  • The Soapy Sudsy Clean Me Show – This is a very fun Show all about the importance of keeping clean and safe.
  • The Jesus Loves Me Show – This is a fun show all about showing the boys and girls how much Jesus loves them.
  • The God Made Me Show – This fun show is all about how God created everything including each of us.
  • The God and Animals Show – This fun show uses Noah and the Ark to create a way to talk about all the animals in God’s kingdom.