Hello and greetings everybody. Welcome to my new blog, part of my TheAmazingMagiMinistry.org website.  On this blog I will be commenting upon Magic (since I am a magician), I will be commenting upon religion and theology (since I am a pastor), and many other items. I will post some of my sermons on this site, but not all, especially if they are very specific to my congregation.

But a little about me first. I am an ordained Lutheran Pastor serving St. Mark Lutheran Church in Annville, PA. I have been ordained for almost 18 years serving PA congregations in New Jerusalem, Reading, Easton, and now Annville. I enjoy very much my pastoral calling and ministry. However, in addition to being a Lutheran Pastor, I am also a professional magician traveling throughout the NE United States. I have been performing professionally since 2007 and have performed thousands of shows for both young and old alike.

While the great majority of my shows are secular in nature (I do a lot of libraries, schools, daycares, Sr. Groups), I also perform at churches where at times I use my magic to illustrate Biblical Stories and Lessons through illusions, story-telling, sleight-of-hand, and more.

My stage name that I use is The Amazing Magi, and I chose this name very carefully. As I told you I am both Pastor and Magician. I wanted a stage name that conveyed a little of both of what I do. In the birth narrative of Jesus in the Bible, we hear the story of the 3 wise men (Magi), who come bearing gifts. I hope you will enjoy this blog.

Blessings to you all.

Pastor Michael L. Reist, The Amazing Magi